Cutting my Legs Off?

Don't try this at home! (Unless you also have magical shoelaces!)


A magic trick featuring my IRRESISTIBLE, ATTENTION-GETTING FACE! /s

My Lucky Day

My Lucky Day at the Dollar Store!

Superbowl Prediction

MY SUPERBOWL PREDICTION! (Plus some magic, of course!) Who do YOU think will win?

The Power of Magic


Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

I have some BIG news! #SundayBlues

Turns out dollar bills are unbreakable! Don't try this at home!

In the News

2017 was full of some unbelievable headlines (making it almost feel like we're living in a comic book)! Here's to hoping 2018 knows how to CHILL OUT!!!

Don't Freeze!

Here's a COOL trick!

How To: Origami Blue Shoes

Today I teach you how to fold an origami blue shoe in just 4 easy steps! Please let me know if you get confused!

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