The Chaos Card Trick

My most chaotic magic trick yet!Don't forget to LIKE to stay updated with the weekly #SundayBluesBlueShoes

The Flavor-Changing Popsicle

Enjoy this week's delicious magic video! #SundayBluesBlueShoesSo I'm curious what's more preposterous: eating an invisible popsicle or me actually having a production crew?

The B.S. Card Trick

The Blue Shoe Card Trick... with only a few missteps!#SundayBluesBlueShoes #SBBS

The BooShoo

Introducing THE BOOSHOO! #SundayBluesBlueShoesDon't be scared! (Though I may have accidentally frightened a few young children this weekend showing off my new magical friend....)

A #SundayBluesBlueShoes after a hectic week!

A Joke

This week's #SundayBluesBlueShoes isn't quite a magic trick, but a JOKE!Let me know what you think (& don't forget to LIKE for more)!


Ever wish you could cheat at LEGOs?No? Just me? Well here's how anyways!#SundayBluesBlueShoes (Though I hope you don't have the Sunday Blues on this loooong weekend!)

I heard the interwebs hates vertical videos... well good thing this magic trick was made for TV!#SundayBluesBlueShoes

Stabbed with a Hot Dog

As a magician, I face a lot of very unique challenges... This weekend I was performing at for Fall Fest at the Leesburg Animal Park when I encountered a rogue, hot-dog-wielding assailant and was forced to diffuse the situation. All and all, our assailant enjoyed the show and I believe he just wanted to put some ketchup on me... ya know, since I was a chicken!

Instant Messaging is Back!

IM BACK! - No, IM is BACK!Watch my newest trick, but don't blink, it happens in an instant!Like my page for more!

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