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Drew performed at my son’s 4th birthday party and did a great job. All of the kids were amused, engaged and happy throughout the performance. He’s great with small kids, very patient and doesn’t miss a beat. He was also great at touching base before the event to ensure we were aligned. Highly recommend! -Melissa L.


Drew recently performed for my daughter’s 6th birthday party and kept all of the kids enthralled and laughing throughout the entire show. The adults also enjoyed it. It was a perfect addition to our magic party. Thanks so much for making our party a great success!- Jenna


AWESOME is the word that better describes this show, Drew performed today for 150 pre k3 and pre k4 students kept the audience on their toes kids, moms, teachers, everyone so excited, my son had his own 5 mins as a Magician assistant and he loved it! I recommend strongly this show for school events, all the teachers wanted to get his info so that’s how much they liked him, he arrived early his show is well prepared totally age appropriate and he is a very talented young man. Thanks Drew my son will always remember this party. – Juanita


We just saw Drew at a party for a 5th birthday and he was fantastic! Very funny, very animated, had the kids cracking up and willingly participating. Part magician, part comedian. Loved it! – Paige


I inquired with Drew to perform a magic show for my son’s 6th birthday. Drew was incredibly responsive and provided great, comprehensive information including a variety of options for the event.I ended up booking with Drew and was so happy to have done so. Drew took care beforehand to understand the event and the kids’ ages. He was timely, professional, and most importantly, he put on a wonderful show. All of the kids (2-12) and all of the adults were cracking up and loving the magic. Drew worked really well with all of the kids, whether they were shy or really into the show, and of course did a special trick for the birthday boy. After the event, EVERYONE commented on how great he was. I would not hesitate to recommend Drew, and will certainly have him in mind for our future events. Mary T.


I booked Drew for my event on 18 July 2015. He was a smash sensation for both young and old. This was a Air Force event for service members from the Pentagon. He showed up on time, and presented a memorable show for all. He was worth every dollar spent. Great Job Drew, V/r Air Force Pentagon. – Darrell F.


When parents tell you they were equally entertained by the show you know it was a hit! Drew was professional and all around fantastic. A must hire for your next child’s event! – Arlinda H.


Drew has a great show, we really enjoyed it! Our kids crowd age group was 6-7 yo, it was about 20 of them, and Drew was able to grab their attention from the minute he started to perform!
Parents enjoyed the show as well, and thanked us later for such a great idea for the party.
I highly recommend Drew, I’m sure he will get calls from parents that were present, for their kids parties! – Alina


Thank you so much for your awesome performance at my daughters birthday party. The kids had such a great time full of laughter and in excitement! You definitely made them engaged in the show and wanting more! I will definitely look to hiring you again! – Tehsin


I cannot thank you enough for your spectacular performance today at my son’s birthday party. You were absolutely fantastic, and the show was delightful. Your improvisation with an unpredictable audience of 4-year-olds was very impressive. The kids had a ball. It was a very special experience for the birthday boy and every single person in the room today. I have heard from countless people about how much they enjoyed the show; everyone is raving about you. Many people have emailed me to say that their kids went home and tried to do magic tricks of their own. I was especially touched by the way you interpreted my question about your act into a special trick for my son. He was thrilled. Thanks for everything. – Amy


Drew performed at my daughter’s first birthday party today and did a phenomenal job! He had the elements to contend against (very windy), but he engaged the children and they were captivated. I also want to thank him so much for his professionalism and flexibility in waiting for some of my late guests. Drew is a wonderful entertainer and I would hire him again any time. I encourage anyone who needs an entertainer for a party to hire Drew! Thank you for a job well done today. – I. Madison


The show was awesome and the kids had a great time. The ages ranged from 2-7 but it was a 6 year old birthday party. Drew came prepared and got right to work with very excited kids. Parents and children were entertained.- Christina McCabe


The performance was great, the kids were laughing all of the show, they were engaged and really had so much fun. I would like to thank Drew for making my daughter’s birthday a really enjoyable one. Me and Drew finalized every detail through email, he came few mins early, he was ready to start his show on time.Thanks for the easy logistics and a wonderful show. – Marwy


Drew performed for my daughter’s 5th birthday and did a wonderful job. Most of the children were 4 and 5 years old and he kept them in stitches. All the screams and laughs were a great ending to the party. I would highly recommend Drew for your own child’s party. He picks very age appropriate tricks that kept the entire room engaged and entertained. Thank you very much. – Rich H.

Drew is absolutely fantastic! He performed for my son’s fifth birthday party and he was hilarious, talented and impressed all the children AND adults. His tricks and jokes were age appropriate and kept the children laughing and interested. We were thrilled to have found Drew and can’t wait to hire him again. To sum him up, one of the kids said during the performance, “I am laughing so hard, I think my mouth is going to fall off!” Drew is talented and professional way beyond his years. – Robyn. Appreciative Mom and Founder of Mamas Link (


Drew was the entertainment for our recent cub scout Blue and Gold Banquet as our theme was magic. The show was terrific. We had about 25 kids aged 11 and under and he kept them engaged and entertained the entire time–definitely the highlight of the evening. Adults and kids alike were smiling the whole time. Drew is very professional and did a great job.- Barbara


Drew performed at my sons birthday party. All of the children, ages 6-8 years old, were included in Drew’s magic act. The show was a smashing success. Drew had kids and parents alike enjoying the show. I would recommend Drew to any kids party. He is great with the kids, his show is funny, entertaining and magical. Nice work Drew! – Nick Strope


Drew performed on my sons 3rd birthday and we had never seen a bunch of kids ages 3-7 laugh so hard and sit in one place for 40 min.He related to the kids very well….has a lot of energy. Thank you.- Nandini


You were FANTASTIC. Thank you so much. I was especially impressed with your ability to hold the attention of so many young children for such a long time! Thank you so much for including Cormac and so many of the kids too. Cormac said the magic show was his favorite part of his birthday! Bravo! – Erin


We hired Drew for my son’s sixth birthday party. In attendance, we had kids ranging from age six to age eleven. The kids laughed a lot and Drew kept it fun and entertaining. My son was so happy that Drew included him and his friends in the show. From a parents perspective, Drew is a talented and caring individual who made the party lots of fun for all the kids (and the parents). We will hire him again and I will continue to recommend him to my friends and family. – Rebecca


Drew is a talented young magician. We invited him to our daughter’s 8th birthday party. It was a big success. We had 15 kids at the party and everyone enjoyed and laughed throughout the show. Drew’s magic show combines age-appropriate comedy and magic fun! He gave my daughter an unforgettable birthday!- Hong


We’ve had Drew for 2 performances now. One was at a house party and the other was for my 5 year old’s birthday party. He was extremely professional on both occasions. Drew does an excellent job of combining humor and magic tricks …five year olds have never had a better attention span! The children laughed and enjoyed participating in the show. He also had special tricks just for the birthday boy, which my son & his friends thought was so cool!- Maria


Drew recently performed at my son’s 7th birthday party and was a big hit with all the kids. I was amazed not only at how good Drew was at performing the magic tricks but also with his ability to act and entertain. It was apparent all the kids enjoyed his show as they all watched intently and Drew had them laughing and interacting throughout the show. Because of his age, I think the kids felt more comfortable with him. I would definitely recommend him for children’s birthday parties!- Bridget


Drew performed for our 9 year old sons birthday party. We had about 15 other 5-9 year olds and all the kids were thoroughly entertained during the show! They were a slightly rowdy bunch, but Drew kept them interested and even included several of the kids (including our birthday boy) in the show. We would absolutely recommend him as a great performer for a child’s event. – Doug


Drew performed at our party which included kids ranging from 3 to 11 years old, some of whom have special needs. Drew was very patient with them and kept them entertained during the entire 40 minute performance. The kids were squealing with laughter and enjoyed participating in the show. Drew is not just a magician, he is a comedian as well! He is a true professional and I highly recommend him for future shows. Thank you Drew for making our party a huge success! – Cynthia


Loved it! Great alternative to the typical bday parties your kids go too. We were all racking our brains after he left trying to figure out how he did some of those tricks. (The flying soap was my favorite). He really does put on a great show. He’s very professional and reliable to work with, you won’t go wrong. – Sheyna


When I contacted Drew about my daughter’s party, he responded within 24 hours. He provided me with detailed information about his services (which sounded awesome), so I booked him right away. The day before my daughter’s party, he contacted me with everything I needed to know about the show. I was so impressed by his professionalism. He arrived at my home 10 minutes early to set up, and after hearing the screams of 14 kids between the ages of 6 and 9, I can tell you that aside from laughter, and responses to Drew’s prompts, the kids were completely engaged. AMAZING! – Courtney Parker



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