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Magic That Doesn’t Stink!

kid having fun with magicDrew Blue Shoes makes magic fresh!

Just 21 years-old, Drew performs comedic magic shows filled with the youthful energy that kids love!

Don’t throw the same old party. Instead, treat the kids to a nonstop performance full of laughs and surprises with Drew Blue Shoes. Children will be active participants in this magical experience as twists and surprises leave them cheering for more.

With over 6 years of professional experience traveling throughout the DMV area, Drew understands how to work with any type of audience you have to offer. Every show features volunteers who help make astonishing moments happen. Birthday children always help with the show’s grand finale!

Add some Blue Shoes to make your next event a special event!

All of the kids and all of the adults were cracking up and loving the magic.” Mary



Whether you’re hosting a children’s birthday party, a school event, or a fun afternoon at a summer camp, Drew Blue Shoes is sure to keep the crowd captivated with his mesmerizing magic tricks and comic banter with kids. Drew’s shows are designed with children in mind, but are a fun experience for the whole family!

Be prepared, Drew’s shows are often the cause of sore tummies when kids can’t stop laughing! Kids will be participating throughout the show and even making miracles happen in their own hands. Drew also offers extra add-on magic lessons after shows to teach kids how to amaze family and friends with magic tricks!

Make a magical memory by inviting Drew Blue Shoes to your party!



The longer the show package, the more magic, laughs, and audience participation opportunities included! All show packages include the guest of honor in a special routine for the grand finale!