Packages & Rates

What’s Included in the Show?

Wows!  Mind-boggling magical illusions.

From pulling coins from ears to pushing spikes through balloons, kids will be eager to see what magical absurdity Drew brings out next.

Laughs!  Hilarious humor.

Drew mixes humor and magic together in such a way that kids tend to find themselves rolling on the floor laughing. From slapstick humor for the kids to jokes that go over their heads, people of all ages will find this show “laughable”!

Smiles!  High-energy participation.

Kids can’t control the smiles when they become the magician onstage. Drew engages with the kids throughout the show, often with the magic happening in their own hands! Drew always invites the birthday child to help out with his special Birthday Grand Finale.

Regardless of package choice, each birthday child will take home a balloon animal or a magic wand souvenir. Every children in attendance will also receive a small Blue Shoes souvenir and memories to last a lifetime!


Packages & Rates

Listed rates for events within 25 miles from DC, with 25 or fewer children. Rates are subject to change without notice. Contact Drew for a customized quote for larger events.


Teach-A-Trick Magic Lessons

Add A Hands-On, Educational Magic Experience!

Kids love watching magic. Now kids can learn how to perform magic! Drew’s magic lessons teach the kids simple but amazing magic tricks to WOW their family and friends. Kids will receive an instructional magic booklet and a secret magic tool as well as hands-on guidance by Drew Blue Shoes to master these deceptive magical illusions.

To receive the discount, magic lessons must follow a magic show package. Magic lessons are strictly limited to 25 children to allow Drew to focus on each child’s individual skill.

Drew loves teaching new students of magic, so Contact Drew to learn about individual magic lessons!