About Drew

   Drew’s goal is to spread the joy of magic wherever his blue shoes take him… inspiring the child-like wonder in all of us!

Before the Blue Shoes, 2006

Drew Blue Shoes’ passion for magic began when he was just a kid when his grandmother gifted him a magic kit. This life-long obsession blossomed as Drew practiced and perfected his first magic tricks in front of his family and friends.

   As legend goes… Drew was just a kid when he was given a special pair of magic blue shoes from The Great Shoedini – and Drew Blue Shoes was born! These shoes enabled Drew to perform magical illusions wherever he walked. Drew has been sharing his magical blue shoe powers with audiences of all ages ever since.

   Blue Shoes at KidjunctionNow just 22 years-old, Blue Shoes performs hundreds of shows every year, entertaining thousands of families at a wide variety of events. A Northern Virginia native, Drew knows the capital area well and enjoys traveling the DMV performing shows and meeting fans! Drew is also an active member of the Society of American Magicians chapters in Fairfax and Winchester, Virginia.

   Every event that Blue Shoes attends is a new opportunity to make people smile and show them something they’ve never seen before! Drew takes pride in his dedication to creating magical memories that last a lifetime. When Drew isn’t thinking about magic, he’s probably just sleeping… and dreaming of magic.

   Blue Shoes hopes he can share some of his magic with you! See what Drew is up to by following him on Facebook, YouTube, or even LinkedIn.