No more stinky, old magic shows!

kid having fun with magicDrew Blue Shoes makes magic fresh!

Just 22 years-old, Drew performs comedic magic shows filled with the youthful energy that kids love!

Instead of throwing the same old party, treat the kids to a nonstop performance full of laughs and surprises with Drew Blue Shoes. Children will be active participants in this magical experience as twists and surprises leave them cheering for more.

With over 12 years of experience, Drew travels throughout the DC, northern Virginia, and Maryland area entertaining audiences wherever his blue shoes take him. The magical illusions feature volunteers who help make astonishing moments happen in front of their very eyes.

Birthday children are always invited to help with the show’s grand finale to create a memory they won’t soon forget!


All of the kids and all of the adults were cracking up and loving the magic.” Mary



Whether you’re hosting a children’s birthday party, a school event, or a fun afternoon at a summer camp, Drew Blue Shoes is sure to keep the crowd captivated with mesmerizing tricks and comic banter with the kids. Drew’s programs are designed with children ages 3 to 9 years-old in mind, but are always a fun experience for the whole family!

From pulling endless ribbons from his mouth to pushing sharpened spikes through a balloon animal, Drew’s magic catches the children’s attention from the start and sparks their imagination throughout.

Be prepared, Drew’s shows are often the cause of sore tummies as kids will be laughing the entire time! Kids will be participating throughout the show and even making miracles happen in their own hands. Kids really go bananas for Blue Shoes!

For an added bonus, Drew can also teach a magic lesson after performances so that kids can amaze their family and friends with magic tricks they’ve learned.

As a life-long student of magic, an active member of the Society of American Magicians, and an attendee of the prestigious Tannen’s Magic Camp, Drew is always creating new magic to share with his fans.

Easy-peasy bookingBooking your Blue Shoes show is simple! Drew never requires a deposit to ensure risk-free booking. Dates fill up very quickly, so contact Drew today to bring Blue Shoes to your party!


*Listed rates are for events with 25 or fewer children within 25 miles of Washington DC. Contact Drew to receive a free quote for a larger or further event. Magic lessons must succeed a magic show package and are strictly limited to 25 children. Contact Drew about individual magic lessons.

What’s included?

Wows! Mind-boggling magic tricks and illusions!

Laughs! Side-splitting humor!

Smiles! High-energy audience participation.

Birthday children are invited to help Drew during the show’s grand finale and will receive a balloon animal and magic wand souvenir. All children in attendance will leave with a small souvenir and a myriad of magical memories!

Hear what Drew’s customers say about the Blue Shoes experience:

“He was hilarious, talented and impressed all the children AND adults. His tricks and jokes were age appropriate and kept the children laughing and interested. We were thrilled to have found Drew and can’t wait to hire him again. To sum him up, one of the kids said during the performance, ‘I am laughing so hard, I think my mouth is going to fall off!’ Drew is talented and professional way beyond his years.” – Robyn